Northern Swingers Love Club Aphrodite

Northern swingers v southern swingers?

Northern swingers love Club Aphrodite swinger parties and dating, although some say that northern swingers tend to be generally less inhibited than their southern counterparts, especially when attending adult parties.
As a result, parties in the north are more likely to get going quicker and attract more exhibitionists. Group sex is much more of a free-for-all affair and the preference is for swinging in public areas as opposed to private rooms. Is this North-South cleavage just a myth?
Before anyone can be sure it needs more Northern swingers to attend sex parties outside of their region so they can let us know whether they notice a difference. By the same token, it needs more southern swingers to try and comment on some of the superb parties that are available in the North of England.

Whatever the truths concerning any differences between the behaviour of swingers in northern and southern England, we can at least define for you what area we mean by "The Northern Region"

When we first started Club Aphrodite, back in 1996, we needed to divide the country up into fairly arbitrary membership areas. This was mainly because our swinger club membership was postal and post code areas were important to the functioning of things like, club magazine distribution, contact letters forwarding and party host organisers locations.

The regions we came up with were: Anglia (our original heartland), London, Midlands, Northeast, Northwest, Scotland, Southeast, Southwest and Wales.

We decided to designate the northeast region as consisting of postal code areas; Bradford, Durham, Darlington, Doncaster, Huddersfield, Harrogate, Hull, Halifax, Leeds, Newcastle-upon-tyne, Sheffield, Sunderland, Teeside, Wakefield and York.
We defined the Northwest as being the postal areas of Blackburn, Bolton, Carlisle, Chester, Crewe, Flyde, Liverpool, Lancaster, Lincoln, Manchester, Oldham, Preston, Stockport, Warrington, and Wigan.
Later on, we amalgamated the two regions to form our northern region as referred to on this page and elsewhere in this web-site.

If you are from the north and want to enjoy swinger parties, swinger dating or just the more adventurous sort of casual sex dating, you will find our online swinger club the perfect way to get started. Join now for free.

Northern swinger parties that Club Aphrodite members enjoy: